Kings & Queens Chess Club

Before & After School Chess Programme

Aims of the project

Chess has been adopted in many schools around the world to supplement existing math programs, to increase reading abilities, and to build critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The purpose of the Bottomup Chess Education programme is to teach learners all of the above skills as well as a futures thinking perspective which enable them to envision their desired future (individual, family and society level) and make the right moves to make that future a reality.

Programme Rationale

Studies have yielded statistics proving that chess play:

  •  improves memory,
  •  increases creativity and originality,
  •  increases reading skills,
  •  increases math problem solving abilities,
  •  raises IQ scores,
  •  builds critical thinking skills, and
  •  increases student confidence.

In the context which Bottomup works, with disadvantaged schools, a sense of school and community pride is often broken down as children and families deal with the constant hurt and trauma caused by the prevalence of drug abuse, gangsterism, burglary, vandalism; much of which our partner schools have experienced numerous times.

Whilst we are aiming for measurable wins, we believe that the greater victories we are seeing are the fostering of identity, pride and belonging in learners.  Our hope is that the learners in our chess programme will have adopted the mind-set of a change agent when they graduate from school and university. The sustainability we are investing in now is that these learners will come back to plough their talents in their community to enable a new generation of children to realise their dreams.

When it happens

Monday-Wednesday Afternoons

Perivale 13h30-14h30 (Foundation Phase Chess)

Perivale 14h45-16h00 (Intermediate/Senior Phase Chess)


Saturdays (By arrangement)